Numark NPM5 Active Studio Monitors Review

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The Numark NPM5 Active Studio Monitors are just the thing if you are looking for crystal clear sound at an affordable price. The most amazing thing is that no matter what genre of music or sound you are listening to, these computer monitors will handle any sound perfectly. Be it jazz, hip hop, rock, folk or drum and bass, the sound comes out beautifully and uniquely. Even with the controls set at centre for bass and treble, the sound is still hard-hitting and well balanced. They are set such that they reproduce your sound over the full spectrum and you can differentiate the components due to high sound quality.

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The Numark NPM5 Monitors are a twin set that are quite large and sturdy too. The one with the amplifier on it is quite heavy which makes it solid. This npm5 monitor speaker has all the controls in-built at the back, the volume, bass and treble. The output terminals are also here so that the other speaker gets connected to the amp at this point. The beauty of the terminals is that they are the screw and thread style that will keep the contact stable at all times. Sound inputs for the amplifier monitor are the regular standard female RCA jacks.

Numark NPM5 Studio Monitor Features & Specifications

  • M20 replacementActive speaker system
  • Master/slave configuration
  • Two-way: 5″ woofer / 1″ tweeter65Hz
  • 20kHz 20W amplifier
  • Volume, treble, and bass controls and RCA input

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Actually the Numark NPM5 Studio Monitors are good value for money considering what they deliver. Even other monitors on a higher price range fade in the light of these powerful speakers. When setting up, ensure that the speaker wires make good contact so that you do not have the sound breaking off.  You may want to strip the wires back a little more for this contact to be effective.

It is recommended to tune up the Numark studio monitor after set up so that you are assured of the excellent sound output. In essence set your player volume at an optimum level which may be about 80% for most machines. From here you can raise or lower the gain on the speakers until you receive a powerful output. At the same time you can adjust the bass and treble levels for a more balanced sound. This tuning is best done using a familiar song so that you can truly gauge these speakers’ output quality.

Numark NPM5 Review

Currently has 18 reviews for the Numark NPM5 Monitor Speaker. With such high specs, it is no wonder that 13 out of 18 reviews give a 5 out of 5 star rating. The average rating stands at 4.5 out of 5 stars and if the current trend of reviews continues, this rating is likely to rise to a full 5-star rating. Most reviewers are on about the unequalled sound quality from these monitors. The fact that they cost less than $100 is just one more reason why these monitors are so popular. Click here to read more reviews.

You are most likely to experience an uneven output with other brands of speaker but not with the Numark Active Studio Monitors. Once the balancing is done, you are good to go.

If you are on a budget and need good quality speakers, the Numark NPM5 Active Studio Monitors are right on point. Order your pair today and start enjoying studio quality sound in your home.

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