Roland CM-30C Cube Monitor Review

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The Roland CM-30C Cube Monitor is a unique product designed to handle all kinds of mixing applications and recordings.  It can be utilized for live monitoring on the stage.  It’s known for delivering up to 30 watts of punch through a high quality 6.5 inch coaxial 2 way speaker.

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The Roland cm-30 studio monitor has the capacity to be safely toted from one location to the other. This is mainly because of its built-in handle grip which allows for easy carriage.  It also has a protective metal grill cover and cabinet corner protector for your safety when you use it.

Roland CM-30C Cube Monitor Features & Specifications

  • Ultra-versatile monitor for studio, stage, and more
  • 6.5″ coaxial, 2-way speaker with stereo preamp
  • 30-watt output plus metal grill cover and corner protectors
  • Handle grip for easy transport

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The Roland cm-30 cube monitor also comes with lots of other key features.  It’s actually an ultra versatile monitor meant for the stage and studio.  It comes with 3 input channels with one XLR input for connecting other devices such as microphone and amps. It also has 2 additional Aux inputs.  The Roland studio monitor comes with a stereo link function for connecting between two units.  This allows a total of 8 stereo inputs and 2 mic/line inputs.

One good thing about the Cube Monitor is its portable nature. You can easily carry it around by holding the handle grip.  You’re also very safe to use the product any time since it comes with nice corner protectors and metal grill cover.

The technical details of the Roland cube monitor are quite impressive. It rated power output stands at 30 Watts.  It speaker measures 16 cm. It has a coaxial 2-way Tweeter.  Its nominal input level stands at 1 KHz.  The roland cube cm-30 comes with stereo phone level knob, low and high equalizer knobs, volume knob and a power switch. It’s indeed well packaged to deliver quality services to the user.

The Roland cm-30 studio monitor is known to be very durable. You don’t need to worry about replacing it in few years when you purchase it. Again, it’s also very affordable compared to several other models.  Everyone who desires to have the best of time in running a studio without stress should go for the monitor. It’s well designed to deliver quality services.

Roland Cube Monitor Review

Currently, the Roland CM-30C Cube Monitor is causing waves in various online portals where it’s marketed.  Several customers have bought and used it. As at the moment, the product has attracted 28 reviews at Amazon. It also has 4.8 out of 5 stars from the reviews.  Many of the reviews were written by individuals who have bought and used the product from Amazon. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

Lots of positive comments were made in the reviews concerning the product.  One reviewer says the Roland cube monitor is versatile, flexible and of high quality. The customer enjoyed the awesome sounds coming from the device.  Another reviewer also liked the excellent sound that comes from the product.

Currently, there are no negative reviews or comments concerning the product. This goes a long way to showing how reliable it can be.  You’re sure of enjoying the best of media and sound connections when you go for Roland CM-30C Cube Monitor. The studio monitor is readily available for grabs online. Click here to check it out.

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