Prodipe Pro 8 Powered Studio Monitors Review

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Admit it, sound quality matters! Whether you are dancing to a tune in a large club or watching your favorite flick in your lounge, if the sound is not perfect, your experience would not be perfect either. The Prodipe Pro 8 powered studio monitors are designed to provide best sound quality and are built for those to whom the quality of sounds and tones really matter. These studio monitors are best sellers in Europe. After wooing hundreds of thousands of customers in Europe, these studio monitors have been introduced in the U.S. market only recently.

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The Prodipe Pro 8 studio monitors are built to provide you high quality results. The system features 1-inch tweeter/ silk dome and an 8-inch woofer/ composite with a frequency response ranging between 45 Hz – 22 KHz. It also comes with a HF and level adjustment control. TRS and RCA inputs are also built in the system. The monitors come with 14- watts of Bi-amp dynamic power system and are equally suitable for usage in both domestic scene and professional studios.

Prodipe Pro 8 Studio Monitor Features & Specifications

  • Features 140 watt Bi-amp Dynamic power
  • 1″ silk dome (tweeter) and 8″ aramid composite (woofer)
  • XLR, 1/4″ TRS, RCA inputs
  • Level control, HF adjust
  • Very natural, clear and focused tone

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Buyers of the Prodipe studio monitor seem very satisfied with their performance. Studio professionals say that they prefer buying Prodipe monitors over other monitors as they provide superb stereo imaging and highest-quality sound. Professionals have also praised these monitors for their better HF to LF crossovers. DJs who have been mixing and playing music for years have spoken highly about these monitors because of its clear, uncluttered results.

Prodipe Pro 8 Review

Positive reviews were received from those buyers who do not have much knowledge about prodipe pro 8 monitors and their technicalities. But they say that they can “hear” the difference as they found its sound quality much better than other monitors’ sound quality. Click here to read more reviews.

In our experience, we found these monitors extremely good. They produced smooth, clear sound even when the signal they were receiving was weak as compared to other monitors which produced a hiss when provided a weak signal. Most importantly, the Prodipe Pro 8 powered studio monitors are prized at amazingly low rates as compared to the prices of other monitors in the market. If you want to buy a nice pair of monitors which gives high-quality results and that too at low cost, then Prodipe Pro 8 studio monitor is just the right system for you. We highly recommend it to those professionals who want superb, smooth sound. We recommend you buy US cable set when you buy these monitors as the original packaging comes with UK cable set. These monitors are so good that you would want to replace your existing ones with them almost instantly. Also, the price is amazingly low. If you want to buy low-cost monitors without compromising on quality, then Prodipe Pro 8 studio monitor is our recommendation to you. Click here to check it out.

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