Check Out This Klipsch CDT-2650II In-Ceiling System #24

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Features and Specifications:

  • WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology) is all about current. Receivers need a lot of current not only to handle the sudden explosive actions scenes but also to reproduce the detail of quiet passages. We use a massive high-power transformer to drive discrete amps that help eliminate distortion and preserve the energy of music and movies….
  • “Delivering 115 watts per channel, the TX-NR636 packs a colossal punch for movies but still retains the pure musicality you need for two-channel playback. Also, Phase-Matching Bass Enhancement optimizes low frequencies while preserving mid- range clarity. It counters phase shifting by synchronizing the timing of different frequencies. The result is deep, well- defined bass that won’t blur vocals or strings.”…
  • You will Receive: 7 CDT2650CII….1 SW-112….1 ONKYO TXNR636…
  • “Calibrating the sound to suit your room’s acoustics is simple with AccuEQ. Once you’ve connected your speakers, plug-in the included mic and wait a few moments as the TX-NR636 measures things such as speaker distance, type, crossover, and output, taking into account any reflections from your walls and floor. The system is designed specifically to by-pass your front left and right speakers. The system then optimizes the frequency response of the …
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