Behringer MS16 Powered Studio Monitors Review

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If you are looking for unmatched sound quality, then the Behringer MS16 powered studio monitors are your best bet. They offer a compact stereo speaker system with dedicated volume so you great sound control and quality. These monitors are versatile enough to be useful in a number of audio applications including setting up a home studio and other multimedia applications. If you are looking for good value monitors then read on and be informed of the best stereo sound monitors in the market. They are quite affordable and retail at a 47% discount of only $72 on

The 4-inch woofers on the Behringer MS16 studio monitors are driven by high power strong amplifiers which also drive the high resolution tweeters on these monitors. Volume controls are on the front panel of the speakers which also has separate bass and treble controls to ensure that you get the best quality sound within reach.

Behringer MS16 Monitor Speaker Features & Specifications

  • Compact stereo speaker system
  • Powerful 4″ woofer
  • Dedicated volume
  • Magnetically shielded
  • 1/8″ TRS headphone connector

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The beauty of these Behringer ms16 monitor speakers is the fact that it has two stereo line inputs, one RCA and the other 1/8-inch TRS. This feature enables you to simultaneously connect two stereo sources such as playing back MP3 music while connected to an electric guitar or keyboard. Additionally, you can mix vocals with the playback and instruments using the 1/4-inch TRS microphone input. There is an auto-mute function connected to these ms16 speakers so you have even greater control. Additionally, these Behringers are compatible with so many other accessories in the same line such as headphones, mics and RCA cables for an enhanced sound recording and clarity.

The Behringer MS16 powered studio monitors are fairly lightweight at only 9.9 pounds. You can easily put them on your desk and connect your other components with ease. The superior workmanship promises high quality sound and especially since they are magnetically shielded so there are no problems of interference. These are definitely good speakers for a home studio considering all the options geared towards this.

Behringer MS16 Review

The Behringer studio monitors received rave reviews on with 34 out of the 49 reviews giving the top 5-star rating. The average rating is 4.7 stars and this shows the great workmanship put into the manufacture of these wonderful behringer ms16 speakers that deliver excellent results all the time. The sound quality is unmatched according to most reviewers who were able to use the additional features to further enhance the quality. These are actually small speakers with a very big sound. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

Some monitors are bound to give a humming sound but this can be easily corrected by using a powered sub-woofer in addition to these Behringer Monitors. This is especially necessary if you are going to be using them at a high volume level for extra sound clarity. One reviewer was able to do this and received excellent results.

Undoubtedly the best brand in the market the Behringer MS16 Powered Studio Monitors are good value for money. Few speakers are able to reproduce sound as clearly and accurately as these babies do. So go on and get your pair delivered to you for free and get 47% discount today and you will be bopping your head to your favorite music in no time.

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